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Objective of this first impression of our website Bringing connection to inner self by carbonic awareness

Carbon and your exhale : In the symphony of all existence and non-existence, your matchless eidetic un-actualized image.

Expand carbonic awareness to carbonic illumination

With the next palpitation of the heart, you are kindled as a full-throttle Absolute, illuminating as an interconnected-primordial-allness; illuminated as informatics of All the yesterdays and All the tomorrows that are yet to come, along with All interconnectedness of matter in relation to you, both as form and the formless supreme.

Connect carbonic illumination to inversive carbonic resolve.

 How the shadows of the Absolute carbonic illumination, as helical electromagnetism (polarities, attractions, repulsions, vibrations, magnetism), casts its image on the inversive-watery cornea of the eyes, destined to alchemies a transfusion of magnetism and plasma, where the timeless meets time, timelessly with a momentum of perpetual ascension. Remain as the unseen Seer.

To bring carbonic resolve to a transformation of an inner wakefulness. 

Insight and the Home of the Eyes: Water, Light, Vibration Carbonic illumination brings an insight into the true nature of reality, and thereby, summoning the energy of transformation through awareness of the body and the workings & content of the mind. Such insight leads to wakefulness in ethics of desire, ill-will, laziness, restlessness, and doubt.

Wakefulness to a peace to simply abide by.

 Calm Abiding or Discern a Declination. Espouse Immovable Peace. During exhale, be a peace that you can simply abide by. Not a peace to reach. Not a peace to create. Just abide. A peace to simply abide by. Activate a quality of exhale that shamelessly contains abandonment of all hope for things to come.

An immovable peace as the destiny-making nectar of your existence.

The Next Inhale: Inhale with a recalibration towards non-distinction. Instantaneously reflect on the success of your last exhale. Spontaneously harvest the nectars from the seeds of your previous abiding exhale. And be ready to go deeper into the abiding exhale.